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An initiative I hold close to my heart, as it's inception was born at the 1FIGURES pop up store in 2017. 1FIGURES pop up stores were the spaces to be, in Hackney between 2016-2018. Summer vibes, great people, great music and most importantly great clothing. The way I would usually programme the week, I would have community activations, collaborations with grass root brands and sharing my platform for them to also have a real life D2C experience. Shola approached me, one of my best friends and asked me whether I would be okay with him hosting ''Studio 14'' this was the beta name for Fast Forward before what we know it now. Of course naturally I had reservations because, I just could not see how practically a studio in a busy shop would work?! Rest assured Mr Frenzola made it happen, we had a full shop working but then also a studio in the store, a makeshift booth, a producing making beats and artists laying vocals. Surreal stuff honestly. ''Fast Forward'' many years later, pun intended. The initiative is grown from strength to strength collaborating with major brands and serving the community in an authentic and undiluted way. 2024, we have merchandise FF is now apart of a wider umbrella. This Way Up a charity founded by Shola, Kodj and Ben. Top top men, that just want to do right by their community and have a direct impact on changing lives for the better. 

Saturday 27th of June, today felt great. Kodj had the Pret laid out on the kitchen table and this year the programme was hosted by Young Space. The building is amazing and is one of those buildings that are not built by mistake, everything is in there intentionally. The roster this year were by far one of the most talented bunch from the recent years, no offence to the recent years but this year just felt special. Me personally I did not want to intrude too much, I wanted to literally watch greatness, knowing you helped birth something that directly can change a life is a feeling that is difficult to put into words. Special mention to the boy Ramonie, what a talented special young man he has a bright future, he will definitely get his due deserves. 

I want to finish with, honestly if you have the platform to put your mates on and also showcase their ideas. Imagine I said no the Shola, he probably would of made it happen knowing him, but him having starting it at the 1FIGURES pop up gave it that push that it needed at that time, now it's flourishing and will continue to do so. 


Chris Figures

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