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The evolution of our fabric choices

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The evolution of our fabric choices

Throughout 1FIGURES history we have prided ourselves on researching the best possible techniques we can to ensure that our fit and quality stand alone. Whether that be from the materials that are used to construct our logo t-shirts or the fit on our basic track-sets. We believe there is no perfect product and products must constantly be revised and revisited for further improvements each season. 

As we strive to continue enhancing our products, this season we have constructed our track-sets with a much more improved variation of cotton and what we would describe to be an improved fit. Historically at 1FIGURES we have used brushback cotton, a fleece type material when mixed with synthetic materials such as polyester or lycra provide a smooth finish and when sustained well can last for many years. 

After many months of research and sampling our new tracksets moving forward will be composed with a loopback cotton material. Loopback is knitted on a loop with two single sets of warp threads, with one set of threads having a very loose tension. This type of knitting gives the fabric its characteristic thread loops. There are loops on both sides of the fabric, which gives the material excellent absorbency. As this is 100% cotton and has no mix blends, the product will be far more breathable than our previous track-sets. Making the track-set easier to sustain and ultimately better for the environment moving forward, if one decided to recycle their garment. Unfortunately fashion is not sustainable, our best practice of promoting sustainability would be to buy less and buy quality pieces that stand the test of time. 

Although with many of our products we promote handwashing or taking your product to be professionally cared for an alternative option now presents itself of washing your clothes in the washing machine. We recommend you wash your 1FIGURES track-set on a cold wash and allow it to be air dried, the process of allowing clothes to be dried by exposure to natural air. 

We now hope that you have a more clearer understanding of the materials we are using, the process of how this material is made and how to care for this material for long lasting wear. Quality and comfortability are non-negotiables here at 1FIGURES and are also on the forefront of our minds when it comes to creating our products.  

If you have any questions or concerns over your products, please feel free to contact us via our inbox feature on our website and we will be happy to help as much as we can. 

Thank you 


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