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Play Blackjack with 1FIGURES

Posted by Nicholas Shebioba on
Play Blackjack with 1FIGURES
For 1Figures, its deeper than the clothes, it always has been.

In this ever changing environment and culture, we as a brand are looking for ways to make our impact known, and our customers feel like they’re heard. With Covid-19 in the air, all forms of social gatherings or interactions banned and frowned up on, quarantine lifestyle has been something that we all have had to adapt too and has slowly become the new norm in society. 

We feel that as a brand, that is more than a brand, we want to do all that we can to help bring friends and family together during this time. Which is where the release of our playing cards come in. Although they may seem trivial at first, our aim was to create something that both embodies and conveys the brand aesthetic that we have, and also something that could help unite the people and encourage staying in and keeping safe. 

That is why we released the playing cards, as a way for us to give back. In addition to this, it also allows us to test new waters in regards to releases and tap into our creative power and look at brand expansion and elevation in any given climate or timeframe.

Nicholas Shebioba


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  • Humayun Rashid on

    Fantastic read, keep it up !

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