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1FIGURES Summer In Nostalgia capsule.

Posted by Nicholas Shebioba on
1FIGURES Summer In Nostalgia capsule.

1FIGURES summer nostalgia capsule.

No clubs, no concerts, no festivals, and no international flights. For most of us the summer that we all know and love has been snatched right out from underneath us, and as a result we've been left stranded with nothing but barbecues and block parties to make do. 

However at 1FIGURES, we see summer more as a state of mind, as opposed to a period of time. That mentality is what gave birth to the creations you see from the latest drop.

The Summer In Nostalgia capsule was designed to save summer and keep the vibes high regardless of where you are or what you're doing.

With it featuring big, bright, bold colour palettes, and a selection of new designs and graphics across the collection. The new pieces are all eye-catching and popping in their own way. The designs act somewhat as a time machine to the 60’s, from the brightly coloured ‘Illusion’ and ‘Fashun’ tees or the ‘Misato’ jersey inspired by football kits of the past, there is something for everyone.

The collection aims to bring you a blast from the past with a modernised street touch inspiring that feeling of nostalgia deep within which it would seem is just what we are all needing.

Summer is what you make it.

Nicholas Shebioba


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  • Humayun Rashid on

    Absolutely sensational content, very much looking forward to purchasing from the new collection !

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