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Made In The Ends

Posted by Nicholas Shebioba on
Made In The Ends

Made In The Ends.

What does it mean to be “Made In The Ends”? Teachers, doctors and footballers, are made in the ends. I was made in the ends, just as 1Figures was made in the ends.

People from all walks of life are made in the ends, even though our lives may be different, there is a universal constant that unites us - the hustle. Our resilience to keep on going despite the odds against us.

1Figures began in the ends, and we plan to stay elevating from here. We were born out of the struggle and hustle, like you were, but we strived to turn that pain into something greater. Being made in the ends is something to be embraced and celebrated, not shunned. 1Figures is an example that we can be moulded by the ends, but still create a different outcome.

It is in our hands to take our surroundings and passions and combine the two to create a legacy of positivity. Until then, we are just a product of our environment.

We are proud of being made in the ends, are you?

Nicholas Shebioba

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