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A photo archive of images from SlowJamswithA parties in London& Toronto. The book is 420 pages and features over 800+ images. The book is described to be a document that charts our entry point into UK club culture and a celebration of what has been and what is yet to arrive. 

It was a pleasure to be apart of the ideation, creation and production of this first edition book. Many conversations were had between, myself, AAA, Ty, Ryan Howard and Kazeem. I remember sitting down in Havannas with AAA & Ty and showing them a sample of the first draft that did not look nothing like the final piece. I believe at that moment, AAA saw the images on paper and in book form and was much more motivated to complete the book, this was way before the name of the book was ''The Yellow Book''. 

Thousands of conversations and back and forths, disagreements and lost files. I am proud to see the book in the final form. 

Big up the team that made it happen, the photographers most importantly as without you this would never even of been a thought. 


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Chris Figures 

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