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All I can say is wow! what a second day and the energy and love in the room today was immense. From the minute I arrived, Jamai and Kodj on entry with smashing energy ready to attack the day. We had the equipment ready to hand out to the artists today, I felt really happy about that moment. 

My assigned task for the day was to host a mentoring session on personal branding with each of the participants of the program. I'm thankful and honoured that my friends chose me a second year running, to offer my expertise to the next gen. Allowing them to ask me unique questions and give insight & tips, I have learned on my personal journey. 

I had a great time speaking with them all, although in particular I really enjoyed my conversation with Jugg, I hope I spelt young bloods name right. Firstly what a talented young man, what you do not see much nowadays in youth is depth and knowledge. This young man had depth and knowledge in abundance, not only on music but in life in general. I sat there thinking wow, this kid is 19 and I am 29 and we already relate on so many different life topics. I asked him about his musical set up and if he has to generally travel to go studio. He said he goes studio, although sometimes he may lack motivation. I mentioned to him that luckily we are blessed, to provide the participants with a home studio and laptop they can begin their musical journeys with. His face lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas day. That right there, this is why we do what we do. 

The evening ended with an expert industry panel, offering great and personal advice that was heartfelt and genuine. There was a concentration about the room that was amazing to see and witness as one of the organisers of this event. 

I'm thankful and honoured that my friends chose me for a second year running to be a mentor. My mum told me early on that whatever we do on this earth, we are here to serve. Fast Forward is one of those programs when I feel that we truly serve our community in a great way. 


Chris Figures

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